Heading to The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge – the first two weeks of the journey begins!


Planning and Getting Focused

Two weeks is a long time to be out of town, but all I have to pack really are workout clothes I guess so that helps.  I hated to do it but I had to buy a lot of new workout stuff because I’ve gotten too big for a lot of my old stuff.  That’s yet another sign it’s time to do something right?

I’ve really been thinking about how much I’ve limited my life the past few months because I’ve been so unhappy about my weight.  Many of my clothes no longer fit, and I have been loathe to buy new things because I’m determined to not need them very long, but you have to live right?  So I broke down and bought some things, but the workout stuff should be fine, even when it’s too big for me they’ll still be useful, or I can donate them.  Donating might be preferable since workout clothes could really be useful to someone – a luxury item really – that stuff can be expensive.  Not to mention I am kind of obsessed with the Nike Dri-Fit gear.

I have to admit I’m enjoying these last few days of prep before the fitness resort – I guess it isn’t politically correct to call them fat farms any longer right?  It’s that interesting period where I know change is coming, so I’m less stressed about my weight right now.  I know I’m going to fix this, and I’m committed to making it work. 

Due to changes at my old company, I had the opportunity (and thankfully the means for which I am so grateful) to take a break from the work world and get my head and heart together.  I didn’t realize how stressed and burned out I was until I had the chance not to have to drag myself into work everyday.  I didn’t realize that my unhappiness with my job had kind of infected my entire life.  I would spend every hour I wasn’t working dreading having to go in-which meant I lost a lot of excitement for life in general.  In this economy, it feels a little crazy to purposely not be employed, but I really feel this break is what I needed. 

I say all that to highlight that this is an opportune moment in my life because I truly have the time to focus on nothing but getting healthy and doing the things I want to do, within reason.  😉  I’m so excited for the things to come.  I have moments of fear – a lot of moments, but I’m still MUCH more excited than I am afraid.

On a less reflective note –  I set up my fitness stats tracker yesterday, and I must say I’m impressed with my little spreadsheet.  And I do love a good spreadsheet, so any little tricks I can find for myself to keep me motivated is good.

So begins another day of leisurely preparation and anticipation for the weeks and months to come!

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