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Reblog if you are a fitblr who’s still on their journey of losing weight and getting fit.


I want to follow more people who are on the same journey as me, so we can do this together!


700 Calories from 1 hour of Spin

The SnowJam is over and I popped into noon spin class to burn off some of the food I’ve been eating the past couple of snowbound days.

Still a bit sore from the kettlebells, but it felt good!

DOMS Water Retention Update: My weight fluctuated 4 lbs since Monday. As my body healed from the previous 7 straight days of training, my weight went back down to what it should be as of my last weigh-in. My common sense told me I couldn’t gain 4 lbs in one day unless it was water weight, but it’s good to know for sure that’s what caused it. Word to the wise if anyone comes across this- particularly after a tough training period. Continue to eat normally, HYDRATE and let your body repair itself.

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

St. Francis of Assisi

Step by step – do what you can until you can do better. Keep going!

DOMS and Water Retention

Kettlebells has resulted in some serious Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) as my newly stressed muscles repair themselves causing inflammation and retention of fluid. With that water retention comes perceived weight gain, but I’ll keep hydrating and doing light stretching to get through it. All should be back on track later this week.

Snow day today, so no gym tonight, but hopefully tomorrow I can get back to it. Yesterday was my official rest day, but since I can still barely walk after KB training, another day of rest won’t hurt at this point.


All day workshop today – it was tough but good! No joke -I literally passed out at 8pm exhausted. Literally have not been that worn out in a while. Glad to back and looking forward to adding it back into my training routine.

Since I’m splitting between my full gym and the KB gym scheduling will be tricky, but just means that some days I’ll have a morning and afternoon workout instead of doing it all at once, but that should be fine.

Just feels good to have a plan in place -not just physically, but mentally the confidence I have knowing I’m doing something about it. When I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see about my body, I can pick myself knowing that I’m actively working to improve it. Before when that happened, I would just get even more bummed when all I could do is catalog the doughnuts or cake I’d eaten.

Confidence is king!

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