Hot Yoga

It’s Never Too Late….


Head to Knee pose; the one that challenges me most. We go on in life thinking that time is ‘precious’. Time is not precious but what is ‘NOW’. The more you are focused on time – past and future- the more you miss the purpose of NOW. This is the most precious thing there is!!
by mystiquezen via Instagram


Some Like It Hot….

3rd Hot Yoga class today (I’m counting the Warm Yin yoga class I took on Tuesday) and it’s official – I love it.

Don’t get me wrong – it is killer and there are seconds I wonder what the hell I’m doing there, but I love it.  The heat, warm loose muscles, sweat and best stretching ever just does it for me.

Not to mention the shower you take afterwards – best feeling ever!

Now the black girl hair issue – well, I’m going to get my hair done tomorrow.  The sweat is no joke.  No chance of saving it.  I see some girls in there with their hair hanging down and I wonder how they can survive it.  I pull mine up and use a sweat wrap band – but that’s more out of habit than anything.

Hair aside – the feeling and flexibility of hot yoga is worth the hair repair afterward.  I strongly recommend it if you’re hesitant or nervous about taking a class.  Don’t be intimidated!

P.S.: Juicing is not my thing – I’ll do a more formal update but let’s just say I haven’t been able to stick to strictly juice – and upon further reflection, I think I’m okay with that.