Are You Kicking Your Own Ass? (I got some FlyWheel love!)


How is your “Today Me” kicking “Yesterday Me’s” ass

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Spin Confessions and Updated Fit Empress Blog Link

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I love spin class and recently I’ve been attending FlyWheel classes more than going to my regular gym (mainly because I like knowing I won’t have to arrive 45 minutes early or engage in fisticuffs just to get a bike).  I have grown to love the dark nightclub atmosphere and the music in the class I usually attend is exactly what I need to stay motivated.  All that said, I have a confession.  My Power score is low.

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90 Minutes of Spin Class: Are You Insane?


Yesterday was another 90 minutes of spin and I loved it!  Well, I kind of hated it because spin will do that to you, but I overall, I loved it.  I look slavishly each week for any 75 or 90 minute class offered.  My max was a series of 2 hour classes this past Winter.  I’m twisted like that.

If you’ve never done spin at all, let alone 2 hours of it, my biggest piece of advice is DON’T BE INTIMIDATED.  I tried spin 10 years ago and hated it (just regular hate on that one) and vowed never to do it again.  Then, last December, a random discussion with a woman in the gym locker room (thank you tall, athletic girl whoever you are!) encouraged me to try it out again.  My fitness journey had begun, so why not try spin one mo’ gin?  The rest is history.  I’m now a full-fledged spin rat ( I think I just made that up – copyright/trademark me!).

What do you need to know before you troop into that dark smelly room in your gym?  No, the one with the bikes.
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Iron Maiden


“Heavy lifting makes women big and bulky” yeah right. Do you have any goddamn idea how strong do you have to be to do a 24 kg press?

My trainer is a fucking beast and one of the best trainers in the country and her max is 20 kg. Just sayin… This chick is a Goddess. True icon. Bless.

Back from VayCay and Making Plans

I finally have a few months with limited travel – time to focus!

I survived 3 weeks at World Cup without gaining any weight – all that walking and heat actually shaved off another couple of pounds despite all the food and alcohol!

Given my good fortune – I’m taking it as a sign to keep the train going and jumpstart my plans to reach my initial goal weight by October 1st.  Roughly 2lbs a week for the next 14 weeks – that’s actually pretty reasonable.

Now it’s a matter of strength, focus and willpower.

I think I can do it – therefore I will.  That’s actually going to be close to two months away from the 1 year mark of when I started this journey, so I really want to meet my goals by week 52.

My travel schedule picks up pretty significantly again this Fall and I want to be ready for the fun to come without worrying about how I look.  I’ve lost over 30 lbs already, but there is still much work to do!