Monthly Archives: May 2014

Slacker Update

Since I got back from Europe I’ve been so slack – I admit it.  I had a few days of food slacking, but I’m back on track with my food and my exercise now, so things are looking up!

I have set some new goals for myself – I want to get a couple of fitness certifications this year both for the general feeling of badassery, as well as to help me stay on track with my fitness goals.  Training for a cert with a defined timeline will keep me focused – having a clear goal usually works best for me.

I”m excited, but also intimidated.  I do worry that my body won’t be able to do what I want it to, but I’m excited at the possibility of pushing to see if I can do it.

I’m going to get back into my blogging for the next few weeks until my next trip – I want to stay focused the next couple of weeks to jumpstart my progress which has stagnated since I got back from my trip.

Happy Memorial Day!


I’m back!!! Two weeks in Europe and today was my first day back at the gym.

Spin class was great and the saying is true – you never regret a workout!

Working on setting new goals for the rest of the year and maybe even the rest of my life.

One thing I am happy about – one of many- having lost the 30 lbs and being more physically fit made me so much more confident on my trip that I could walk anyway and do anything and even take pictures unfettered by insecurity. I’m not where I want to be ultimately, but where I am right now is just fine too!

I’m on my journey with so much more to come!!!