About The Fit Empress

photo 2 copyA Southern black girl’s tale of fitness, life and fun!

As a Southern black girl loving my fabulous 40s, I like to think I’m witty, fun, focused and independent. I say “y’all” a lot, and I curse a fair bit, but other than that, I’m generally a good person. Flawed, but good.

Growing up, I was clueless about fitness and food. I ran around all day at school (how good was it that we used to have a mandatory hour of exercise at school everyday?), ate as much crap as I could get my hands on and it never landed anywhere. Same thing in college – I could eat ice cream and Cheetos all day and the 5 pounds I might gain would melt off in a week. I was never stick skinny (“nasty little” as we say down South), but I was at a healthy weight without even thinking about it much. The blessings of being in your 20’s and clueless about nearly everything but having fun, meeting men and exploring life.

Then my 30’s hit and life changed. I got extremely focused on work, a relationship that was a bad decision for me long term and my lifestyle in general changed. I naturally wasn’t as active, but my eating habits never changed. Next thing I knew, I was ticked at my dry cleaner for whatever they did to shrink my clothes.

No baby girl, it wasn’t the dry cleaners, it was my ass. So began what has been roughly 10 years of being concerned about my weight. Dieting, fasting, juicing-almost everything you can think of I was up for it. About two years ago I hit a major high when I started bootcamp and got super active and healthy. I was jumping out of planes literally! But then life and work got in the way and I fell of the wagon. Hard. I kept trying to jump start it over the past year, but it hasn’t clicked. Well, with a recent changes with my career and my focus, I think it’s clicked now.

I’m starting my journey to fitness in mind, body and spirit and over the next year, I plan to chronicle the process here. I’m usually not good at being consistent with journals, but when I’m passionate about something, I have found I can blog the hell out of a topic. So now I’ve decided the topic is ME!

I’ve gone through several changes this past few years both personally and professionally, but I can honestly say that I think all the changes have been good, or they will turn out for good in the long run.

It begins and ends with my commitment, and this blog is one device I will use to maintain that commitment, even if I do get off track from time to time.

November 20, 2013


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