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New Year’s Day Commitment!

Fit Empress:

I am committing to go to the 75 minute spin class tomorrow morning at the gym.

What will you commit to doing on January 1, 2014?


End of the year promo


The best thing about a New Year’s resolution is already having started working on it the year before!

Congrats to everyone already on their personal road to fitness in mind, body and spirit and everyone getting ready to start the journey.

One day, one step, one workout at a time. There will be peaks and yes, some valleys, but it’s part of the path to happiness.

At the end of the day, health, fitness, career, love – they are all tools to help me toward my ultimate goal – HAPPINESS!

All Things In Moderation

One boiled potato is all you need to have yummy mashed potatoes. No sour cream, milk or other crap- I did add a bit of unsalted butter though – just mash it to hell and serve.

Served with baked tilapia and a side salad – dinner was fab and under 400 calories in total. You have to be careful with potatoes because they are high in carbs, but they also contain fiber, potassium and “resistant starch” which actually tells your body to start burning fat!

So if you have the room in your caloric intake, prepare them simply and eat in moderation (as with all foods), potatoes can be your friend!

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