Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hot Yoga?

So I’m going to take the plunge.

Next week. Hot Yoga & I will meet to see if we like each other. As much as I’m obsessed with Yin right now, I want to try to stay open to other practices.

I’m a black girl, so me and excessive heat have little to do with outside of a flatiron, but let’s see how it goes.


Full Moon Yoga and Meditation

Experienced a great full moon yoga class (even though I still struggle with fast yoga flow sequences I survived it!) followed by a wonderful 30 minute meditation.

I’ve always felt a strong affinity for the moon and the idea of a yoga sequence devoted to grounding myself and showing respect for the Moon’s impact on our bodies and minds drew me in. The meditation that followed focused on blessing and grounding the Earth to share peace and love during the somewhat turbulent time of the full moon. Our meditation leader called it a great benefit we give to the Earth and all who live on it. I loved that idea of giving back to the Earth and sharing my energy with others. If you have a chance to so something like this one month, I would recommend it.

I know I’m sounding a bit “new age-y” lately -I’ve felt a strong impact from my recent yoga experiences. I believe it will be a wonderful balance to my more traditional training, and a major boost to my spiritual and mental growth as I go forward on my journey.