The Fit Empress: Updates from the Empire of Me!

1205068_SMJPGI’m back, and the Fit Empress has a new home!  Follow me as I move through my journey of fitness, life and fun.

I started this blog in November 2013 as a way to document my weight loss journey (still in progress).

Flash forward to July 2014 and here I am:

  • I’ve lost 36 lbs and I’m STRONG!
  • I now LOVE (repeat LOVE) spinning.  #flywheel
  • Kettlebells are Queen!
  • I’m training for my SFG Level I Certification this Fall.
  • Yoga is awesome.  My favs – Yin and Hot/Bikram
  • Confirmed that black girls do indeed do hot yoga (lots of us)!
  • I’ve been to London, Paris, Brazil and (few odd states in the lower 48)
  • I still have Hawaii and Italy to come!

I have so much more to discover, plan, accomplish, and dream about that sometimes my brain scrambles more than usual at what’s out there.  I still have current goals to work on of course – getting more fit and strong, figuring out what I want to be for the next chapter of my life (40 is really is the new 20) and figuring out how I can travel as much as possible.

More to come as I continue on my journey of excitement and yes, fear.  But it isn’t brave if you aren’t afraid right?

Thanks to everyone reading this for joining me – let’s see what happens!  😉



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