Yin Yoga Weekend!

Amazing two days learning so much about the human body and learning to find your new edges while still working within the limits your bones and physical make-up allow. Keeping the body fluid requires keeping your joints and ligaments mobile and flexible. That’s what Yin Yoga provides.

Your hips may not be tight- your bones and joints may legitimately be limiting your range of motion. However, you can still work to keep the natural mobility you have, even if it isn’t as wide or as open as you might like.

Your body is your body. It doesn’t need to look any other way than what it truly is to the best it can be. Yin yoga is about your body taking the shape as suits it, not bending your body into a pose to look like something or someone else.

Love your body, know it’s limitations and keep striving to make it the best it can be!

Bonus- a beautiful weekend at the beach!


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