Heat, Juice and Balance

Hot Yoga = Amazing

I’ve been juicing today so I had to sit down a bit more than usual but class still felt wonderful. 

The juicing last week didn’t go too well, but I’m doing it again the next few days.  However, this time it’s more “primarily juicing.  I still eat solid food – light food as much as possible – but right now going cold turkey just makes me more stressed about food, and then I make some INSANELY bad food choices out of hunger.

Everything is about balance and doing what works for you while still being healthy.

This is my race (or yours) – no one else has to dictate what is right or wrong as long as you are doing what you know to be right for your body and to allow you to meet your long-term goals.

Sidenote: The shower after hot yoga class is the best ever!

(photo source)


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