Some Like It Hot….

3rd Hot Yoga class today (I’m counting the Warm Yin yoga class I took on Tuesday) and it’s official – I love it.

Don’t get me wrong – it is killer and there are seconds I wonder what the hell I’m doing there, but I love it.  The heat, warm loose muscles, sweat and best stretching ever just does it for me.

Not to mention the shower you take afterwards – best feeling ever!

Now the black girl hair issue – well, I’m going to get my hair done tomorrow.  The sweat is no joke.  No chance of saving it.  I see some girls in there with their hair hanging down and I wonder how they can survive it.  I pull mine up and use a sweat wrap band – but that’s more out of habit than anything.

Hair aside – the feeling and flexibility of hot yoga is worth the hair repair afterward.  I strongly recommend it if you’re hesitant or nervous about taking a class.  Don’t be intimidated!

P.S.: Juicing is not my thing – I’ll do a more formal update but let’s just say I haven’t been able to stick to strictly juice – and upon further reflection, I think I’m okay with that.


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