Hot Yoga Update

Today was my first hot yoga class. 

How was it you ask?

In a word:  AWESOME

As I sat in the sauna at my regular gym earlier today, I thought, if I love sitting in here, I’m sure I can handle a yoga class right?

I hadn’t entirely convinced myself, even as I sat on my mat in the already warm studio a few hours later.  But when class started, I went with it and loved it!

The key – it wasn’t a “flow” class.  No jumping from one position to another.  I know for many, the more active ashtanga/vinyasa styles work best, but I like finding my poses and holding them.  Sinking into my body and my thoughts (and a little pain occasionally as my body stretches).  That’s why Yin is so wonderful for me, and today, I added Hot Yoga to my list.

After just a few minutes in a regular flow-type class, I would be screaming in my head to escape.  Today, everything just came together.  It was tough, don’t get me wrong.  And I was literally dripping sweat – to the point that my fingers started to prune & pickle like I’d been in the bathtub too long.  And there were a few moments where I felt a little bit dizzy, not much, but enough to make me sit down and drink some water.

But I loved the feel of the heat, pushing my body to find the pose and correct alignment.  Breathing and concentrating.

Another thing, similar to spin class- everyone is too focused on themselves to notice or care if you are doing something right, wrong or not at all.  If you need to sit down, or hell, lay down, do it.  No need to feel intimidated.

Technically, there isn’t much added benefit to hot yoga vs. a regular yoga class – you don’t really burn more calories or detox that much through the extra sweat.  But it made me feel great and very refreshed.  Something I never have gotten from other yoga practices outside of Yin.

So here’s a new addition to my fitness regimen.  I said I hated spin – now I love it.  I said I’d never do hot yoga – now I know how wonderful it can be.

Always be open to new things – you may find something you’ve been missing that you didn’t even know you wanted! 


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