Amazing day of fitness yesterday! 2 hours of spin, a yin yoga workshop and a full moon yoga and meditation session.

Yin and yang. It’s all about balance.

As you may have noticed, Yin yoga is now added into my fitness training. Simple postures held for 3-5 minutes at time to focus on opening the joints, ligaments and connective tissue-as well as unblock the flow of energy through the body. I’m in love with it! And it is the perfect compliment to my more “yang” activities of cycle and strength training. Not to mention the intense meditation that Yin provides.

I’ve tried other forms of yoga, the more intensive yang-styles like vinyasa, but to be honest, I literally hate it. Maybe I just need more practice, but it is excruciating for me to do one of the more power flow intensive classes. I’ll get on the bike and spin like crazy for 2 hours, but I can barely survive 45 minutes of Vinyasa. One thing I’m learning is to listen to my body and doe those activities that I actually enjoy and will push myself for further accomplishment.

Until finding Yin, I was dreading putting yoga into my regular training plan, but now, I’m excited! Increased flexibility, mobility (my hips are atrociously tight after years behinds desks) and the mental spiritual benefits of Yin have me so enthused I can’t wait until my next yoga class.

I will also take some more basic yoga classes that are slower and more focused on learning technique and form. I don’t want to give up on learning to like the more muscle-intensive yang yoga styles, but I’ll ease into that. Now I have the luxury of learning while still getting some much needed benefits from my Yin practice. Yin is part of my life now I think!


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