I’m so angry right now.

So most of us know of the show “The Biggest Loser.” I didn’t watch this season (though I have admittedly watched and enjoyed the show in the past). Apparently, tonight was this season’s finale. The winner, Rachel, lost 155 pounds, with a final weight of 105 pounds – which puts her at a BMI of 17.5, meaning “underweight.”

That’s not what I’m angry about, though. What I’m angry about is people’s reactions. Since the big finale, the internet has exploded with calling this woman “ugly” “disgusting” “anorexic” etc etc. Seriously, this is a society that has tons of different weight loss shows because we just LOVE to tell people that they’re too fat and need to lose weight. And we love to watch them do it (while we sit on our asses in front of the television). I don’t know Rachel’s story, but I’m willing to bet that like most BL contestants, she probably struggled with weight her whole life. She probably has always been made fun of for it. Family and friends probably told her that she needed to go on one of those weight loss shows and stop being such a fattie. And she listened.

And then what does she get? What does she get after working her ass off for months? She wins the contest, steps out on stage for her big reveal, and gets immediately mocked. She can’t win. No one can win in this society. You’re a “fattie,” people tell you you’re disgusting and need to lose weight, and then you finally do it, and immediately get told you “took it too far” and “look disgusting” and “too skinny.” 

Does she probably need to put on a few pounds and maintain a healthy weight? Sure. Could she possibly have actually developed anorexia on the show? Absolutely, but that’s her business (though if she does have a problem, I sincerely hope she gets help). 

But I’m just so sickened by the fact that we literally tell people to lose weight, on television, for our entertainment, and then when they lose a bit more than we wanted them to, we turn around and call them ugly and gross and anorexic. 

We have no right to judge this woman. Even Bob and Jillian won’t comment on her weight loss (though they looked pretty shocked, and not in a good way, when she stepped out onto that stage). None of us know her, what she went through on the show, or what she’s dealing with now. She may or may not have an eating disorder – who knows? It doesn’t give anyone the right to call her names and tell her she did a bad thing, especially when these are all the same people who told her to lose weight in the first place.

You think she lost too much weight? Maybe she wouldn’t have taken it so far if she wasn’t being pressured by an entire country to lose as much weight as possible, for our personal enjoyment. People never fail to amaze me. 

You honestly made me reflect on what I thought of her and made me change my mind. I guess I was more concerned about her health. If she’s healthy and loving herself, then there’s nothing wrong. You’re right.

No one forced Rachel to go on the show or lose weight. She chose it because she felt it would give her the focus and motivation to accomplish her goals.

Rachel was a high caliber competitive swimmer not that many years ago- she knows what healthy is. The amount of calories and training you need to be a swimmer is massive. During the regular season she rocked it. Working hard and training her behind off. Maybe her competitiveness got out of control, but I think it is universally agreed she looked amazing before the finale at 150 lbs. I believe she even said then she was 10 lbs at that point from her athlete body. That would put her at 140. She went to 105 and looked dangerously unhealthy.

There are a lot of issues and pressures in society, but in this particular case, I think this was more of a personal battle within Rachel than her feeling the pressure to lose weight from external sources.

The larger issue is she is being heralded by the show and many others for losing weight regardless of whether she is healthy. That is the wrong message to send and we don’t need to continue to applaud drastic weight loss for the sake of being thin at any cost. If she’d gained a ton of weight people would have no problem telling her she’s unhealthy, but for some reason because she lost weight people don’t want to tell that same truth.


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