Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites

I love PB but one serving of it is roughly 200 calories before you even add anything to go with it – add a banana or apple and you’re at 300 calories off the bat. Now your “snack” is turning into a meal, and that is a calorie sucker for me so I avoid it.

The answer is PB2! Dehydrated PB where the same serving of dry powder with water comes in at…..wait for it….45 calories. Yes – now you can actually have some fun with your PB outside of just celery (blech-y’all I really don’t like celery).

Today I used Chocolate PB2 (yes Chocolate!) and a banana to make little banana bites. Yumlicious and depending on the size of a banana you use anywhere from 125-195 calories.

Now that’s more like it!


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