New Year’s Day Accomplishment

I did the 75 minute spin class today – first time attempting the longer format class. 864 calories burned according to my heart rate monitor. It’s hard to process a number that big, but for an hour and fifteen minutes of spin that makes sense. I pushed hard today, upping my resistance, but easing up occasionally if I needed it.

This is the push I could never get from running. The impact on my joints and feet were just too much for me to really ever get used to. But spinning, my heart rate gets to the same levels, but without the joint stress, I can push myself a bit more each time.

After class I was pumped – the spinner’s high is a real phenomenon! My legs were (still are) sore but I felt amazing!

Now it’s just sticking to my calorie goal for the day and drinking lots of water and 2014 is off to a great start!


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