Spin class today- two weeks in and I’m still going and still loving it! I’m just learning about the whole “watts” measurement- the instructor today was the first one I’ve heard use it- so I’ll be working on that, but my HRM showed 515 calories burned and I was exhausted, dripping sweat and groaning profusely to keep pushing through the last interval at the end of class. I call that a good workout!

Bonus – they are incorporating a 20 minute strength class directly following two of my spin classes – how perfect is that?

I try to alternate strength and cardio days, but a little extra strength training isn’t a bad thing.

Also loving my yoga classes too so I’m making a big effort to make sure I get that in twice a week too. See my daily workouts on my fitness tracker page!

Keeping my calories as close to 1500 a day as possible, so far things are moving along – 13 lbs lost in the last 5 weeks!

Motivation to keep going!

Follow my fitness journey at The Fit Empress!


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