Fitness Tracker

It’s satisfying to look back at my workouts and see how much I’ve done. It makes me want to fill in more of those boxes every week!

I went to my first spin class in YEARS on Friday. The instructor was EXTREMELY helpful and encouraging and there were only a handful of people in class that day so it was such a great experience to get back I to spin.

If you’re nervous about your first class because spin looks so intense, DON’T BE! Go 15-20 minutes early and ask the instructor for help getting set up. Just a quick adjustment of the seat and handlebars and you’re ready to go! You don’t have to have the padded shorts or clip-in cycling shoes. Your regular workout gear and shoes will do. If you like it -it is suggested you get the shoes, but only if you want to. Otherwise, just use a bike that has the toe cages and go for it!

Your rear will be sore, but it’s tolerable and gets better. I went to my second class today and used a gel cycle seat cover- it definitely helped some. My body is still adjusting, but I burned 500 calories in today’s class and I still have more room to push myself harder as it relates to my resistance and stamina.

Spin has officially been added to my workout rotation!

Track my fitness schedule here!


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