Week One Done!

Finished the first week of my journey and my time at the resort!

It’s been a challenging week, but I think there’s still more in me for week two! I lost 2.7 lbs and all of it was fat per the InBody assessment – my water levels are the same if not a tiny bit higher. I also gained a tiny bit of muscle as well. I won’t take my inches until this coming weekend when I leave, so it will be good to see the final change in body when I leave. I admit I was hoping for more weight loss, but I’m happy with seeing the numbers go down even this much. Especially considering this is the first exercise I’ve done since June.

Check out my progress on my tracker page

I must say, I’m sore all over. I’m going to take the recommendation that today be a day of rest and let my body restore after 6 days of exercise – and I’m looking forward to it!

More hiking and workouts for the next 5 days, as well as at least one massage and 2 acupuncture treatments.  Trying out the acupuncture to curb the food cravings. I figure it can’t hurt can it?

More to come, but a solid first step and a great first week.

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