5 Days Down!

Great first week! It’s been wonderful to have such laser focus on being healthy and fit. It is still shocking how far I’d let things go, but all I can do is move forward from here. This has been a fantastic start!

Above is a sample of the daily food menu. I can honestly say you NEVER go to bed hungry here!

The workouts have been challenging and fast paced. Hiking, cardio, pool, Zumba and daily stretch classes (basically yoga). They have a little bit of everything.

I must admit I’m completely worn out after such an active week. There is a hike and another workout today and then we’re technically “off” until Monday morning. Sunday is a day of rest, but I do plan to do at least a little cardio tomorrow on my own.

As I get ready for week two, I want to start making clear plans for my eating and exercise plan to make sure I stay in track. While I won’t necessarily workout 3-6 hours a say at home of course, the intent is to jump start the metabolism here and also so that doing a regular workout daily will seem like nothing comparatively once you get back home.

The concept of the 90/10 (or 80/20) rule for nutrition is somewhat new to me, but it makes sense. It’s basically the cheat meal concept, but thinking of it as less of a “cheat” and more of a conscious choice to eat clean 80-90 percent of the time and allow yourself little indulgences 10-20 percent of the time. It is more all-encompassing to think of it as a total plan and not these intermittent “cheat” moments. You are never breaking your nutrition rules, you’re incorporating the reality of life with it because it isn’t realistic to eat completely clean 100% of the time for the rest of your life.

So I’m learning things and looking forward to resetting and getting my health back in order.

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