Day One

Long but satisfying day! Morning started at 6am with a great stretch class. Breakfast was a delicious chicken egg scramble with toast and a pat of butter – just 291 calories!

We then departed on our fans for the 1st hike of the week. One hour out and then one hour back. It was tough for a few stretches early on (my calves were killing me,)but by the end I felt great, but drained.

After the hike we took our “before” photos and then headed to a lecture to review our physical assessments which gave us more insight into our body fat and lean muscle mass. According to the assessment, I need to lose 64.5 lbs of fat, which would put me back at the weight I was two years ago when is was super healthy and active. My long term goal would be to get 20 lbs below that, but losing 64.5 lbs of fat sounds like a good goal to me!

Lunch was a salad, soup and a delicious pita filled with pulled pork and cauliflower. After lunch we had more lectures on heart rate and nutrition. We also had two fitness classes, Core and Circuit Training. Both were tough but good. I am truly facing how far out of control I let myself get from where I was in 2011.

Including the stretch class, I worked out approximately 4 hours total yesterday. I went from zero-to-60 in one day!

Dinner was another delicious meal of salad, quesadilla,and a teeny tiny apple cobbler. The food here has been amazing. It’s so good to be able to have all the meals perfectly cooked and soooooo yummy, but knowing it is all healthy and organized to keep you at the 1500 calorie intake. With all the focus on exercise, it’s good to not have to worry about calories right now.

After dinner, I hit the steam room and basically was in bed by 8pm and passed out before 9.

It was a very busy and fulfilling day. I’m still nervous about the physical challenges ahead, but I know that from my previous fit lifestyle, I can do it, even if it’s tough at first.

I took the pic above during the hike. It truly is beautiful here and that definitely helps to clear the mind.

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